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What is it?


It’s an event to connect with the people you work with. Take a break, celebrate, and get to know one another. Remote, distributed, or hybrid teams – everyone gets to join the fun.



We offer virtual, board game-centered experiences through our Team and Enterprise Solutions. Considering factors such as your group dynamics, size, and engagement goals, we work with you to identify your best fit solution.

Make waves!
Reenergize team dynamics.

Bring events to your team,

wherever they are.

Disrupt the workday
status quo.

Have all the fun!
Have you even heard these people laugh?


Someone told me today that they ‘have so many stories about their coworkers from the games.’ THAT absolutely makes the experience valuable. 

Ravneet, Scotts Miracle-Gro

The Kingmakers experience helped us lay more of a positive foundation moving into an upcoming project… the team loved it and [is] looking forward to working together.

Cheryl, IGS Energy

Our Game Guide was fantastic and her enthusiasm really helped break the ice for a group of people not all that familiar with each other. Really well produced and conducted.

Ben, MRI Software

We used Kingmakers for our Team Building exercise and the overwhelming response from everyone was how fun it was. As a manager that has come in during the peak of COVID and never [got] to actually meet my team face to face, this was perfect. 

Joel, Deutsche Bank

Thank you very much for the fun interactive event! It was a really great opportunity to network with our mentors and mentees. 

Jessica, BASF Corporation

How it Works

Schedule an incomparable team bonding designed and facilitated by us in three easy steps:

Book a consult.

Have fun.

Ok, it was only two steps.

“Wish it were longer!” – real life great Team Leader, Cheryl from IGS Energy


Our Game Guides facilitate everything, start to finish.

Everybody participates, whether they like it or absolutely love it.

A playful take on a structured event – we’re literally playing a game.

Leave a work event excited, energized, and laughing about it tomorrow.

has left the chat.


See your team in a new light as they break out of their usual roles.

Put everyone on an even playing field.

Make meaningful connections and build trust, then bring it back to work.

We’ll facilitate an intentional and accessible environment for diverse participants.

Who We Are

Your team is a microcosm of the world around you. We believe in the power of play to help people understand one another, strengthen relationships, and honor diversity.




Work is changing.
Let’s change it for the better.


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Making work better
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