January 5, 2022

What is a Kingmakers Facilitator (AKA Game Guide)?

Facilitators are the most important part of the Kingmakers team.


Kingmakers Game Guides set the tone for participant engagement, teach games clearly and effectively, facilitate best-fit energy for participants, provide technical support, and make decisions behind the scenes to ensure streamlined experiences.


The Game Guide is the humble teacher (sharing the rules), the fair judge (the keeper of points), the efficient board (physically controlling cards or pieces), the encouraging cheerleader (rooting for individual or group success), and ultimately, the nimble facilitator of the participant experience.


Why is this flexibility important? 

Each team is incredibly unique!


While the game itself provides an initial structure, it’s the Game Guide who sets the pace and focus of the game and leads the participants through the experience that best fits them.


Our Game Guide Caleb put it best when he said, “The game is a vehicle for enjoyment, not the centerpiece.”


Our expert facilitators create the environment for participant connection, thoughtfully navigating a team’s dynamics, history, and hierarchy.


Some teams thrive in a competitive environment and want to move quickly through rounds, engaging with one another in a lively discussion with a specific and important goal. Other teams may play the same game slowly, sharing anecdotes and laughter in the middle of a round and being only mildly interested in the competition aspect. Both team personalities (and every other team dynamic that exists) are valid and lead to meaningful connections.


Looking for tips on how to be an effective facilitator? Read what our Game Guides have to say!


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