September 17, 2021

Trends in the Workplace with Jen Myers

In the ongoing story of the Great Resignation, no one is better equipped to talk about trends in the workplace than someone who both works in talent recruitment and personally shifted workplaces in the last few months.


Jen Myers is an Operations Manager in Recruitment Process Outsourcing at DZConneX, a leader in talent and project management solutions. 


In this 3 part series, Jen talks with Kingmakers about trends in the workplace (boundaries, anyone?), how awkward it is to sit in front of a screen with no agenda, and the importance of play!


Listen below for Part 1!

Our 3 Takeaways


1. The Great Resignation is real – and it’s a buyers market with employees holding the power!


The pandemic gave employees a chance to acknowledge how work sits in their lives, leading them to shifting their priorities. For a lot of people, that meant finding new jobs or whole new careers that better fit their goals and values.



2. The way we worked before was not sustainable and it’s time to set (and keep) healthy boundaries.


Oh no, working from home has made it really easy for people to never really shut off work. Anyone else take a peek at Slack in the wee hours of the night? As we learn what working remotely means, the time is now for team leaders and employees alike to set boundaries and stick to them.


Ash at Kingmakers deleted Slack from their phone and immediately felt a shift their ability to balance life and work. You can too!



3. Want to attract and retain great talent? You have to have a great company culture.


Great company taglines may attract talent, but how do you make sure your people feel it every day? It might be worth taking a look at your policies, procedures, and general company habits to make sure the words aren’t just fluff.


S/O to DXConneX for bringing their tagline to life. “We do what we say” and meaning it sounds like a pretty great way to feel about your company.