December 17, 2021

Kingmakers Team Solution

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Team Solution

Looking for a meaningful way to spark joy and foster belonging within your team?


You know better than anyone that team culture takes time and intention to build, especially in the virtual world.


Join the ranks of excellent team leaders who are utilizing Kingmakers Team Bonding as a tool to develop and maintain strong working relationships.


Kingmakers Team Solution is a series of Team Bonding Events developed for your unique team. 


Each board game-centered experience is developed based on your team’s dynamics and engagement goals.



  • The unique power of board games to spark joy, connection, and inclusion;
  • Why intentional events over time make an impact on daily work;
  • How expert external facilitation builds and strengthens relationships; and
  • How the virtual space can be an effective tool for creating an equitable environment.


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“Tailored to the personality and size of the team with a lot of thought put into it by the Kingmakers crew.”

– Root Insurance



  • Series of three or six virtual events, 75 – 90 minutes each
  • Fully facilitated and structured start to finish by a Kingmakers Game Guide
  • Supported by a Kingmakers Tech Guide, hosted on Kingmakers virtual platform
  • Designed for 6-24 participants


Engagement Plan


  • Initial Consultation with Client Success Team and periodic engagement reviews
  • Participant Communication Plan with schedule and copy 
  • Engagement Results Package including testimonials, event success data, and team photo

“…we are very intentional about the type of culture we build during our programs. This activity helped us strengthen that culture with our participants.” – Rela Leadership

Looking to create an Engagement Plan for more individuals?


Our Enterprise Solution is tailored to the needs of your organization and can accommodate a variety of engagement goals, use cases, and event logistics.


Talk to a Kingmakers Client Success Manager about your engagement needs!


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With [our Game Guides] it turned the afternoon into the best team-building event I’ve ever experienced with our department. – Abbott