September 24, 2021

Kingmakers Values

Developing these values together was an anchoring point for the Kingmakers team in a time when it felt like everything was changing (and would continue to change). It gave us the language to express our expectations of one another and the role Kingmakers would play in our lives and the world.


A year and several business transitions later, we still look at these values as core to the way we operate.


For a small business (like us), crafting your values is a small and important step towards building the team culture you want.


drive to respond creatively to the needs of our community


We actively pursue growth and change in our business offerings and the way we engage with the outside world. Innovation is possible through a combination of trust, energy, and support.



understanding that team members and processes operate with the best interest of each other and Kingmakers


We recognize the value each member brings to their work with unique skills, perspectives, and identities. With support and intentional accountability structures, we are able to build trust amongst one another.



care of individuals and how Kingmakers exists within the wider community


We prioritize the emotional, physical, developmental, and financial wellbeing of each other and the people we serve. True support is achieved through intentionality, innovation, and energy.



desire to welcome marginalized identities into our community


We are consistently learning how to be more accessible to others and working to recognize areas in which we have added barriers to our experience. Inclusiveness can be made possible with trust and support.



thoughtful decision making in regards to process, experience, and visual communication


We have built systems that ensure simplicity, cleanliness, and room for creativity. Intentionality is made possible by innovation and support.



awareness that the way we interact within our environment matters


We use each others’ excitement, curiosity, passion, and concerns to create solutions and nurture growth. Energy is encouraged through support and trust.


Through practicing these values in every day business, we strive to create an environment in which all can feel empowered and comfortable in our spaces. We welcome individuals to pursue curiosity and connection through play.