December 20, 2021

Kingmakers Solutions

Kingmakers offers three unique solutions based on the needs of your team or organization. Expert, external facilitation and board gameplay are the core of each solution.

Intro Event


A quick and easy way to take a break with your team!


Experience with what business leaders around the country are saying is the perfect team bonding for our times.


Kingmakers Intro Event is a 60-minute virtual event, fully facilitated and structured from start to finish by a Kingmakers Game Guide.


Designed for 6 – 24 participants.


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“We’re a new team working together, so the time gave us a good opportunity to relax, joke around, be a little competitive, and get to know each other.” – Edify

Team Solution


A series of Team Bonding Events developed for your unique team.


Join the ranks of excellent team leaders who are utilizing Kingmakers Team Bonding as a tool to develop and maintain strong working relationships.


Kingmakers Team Solution includes three or six virtual events, an Engagement Plan, and an Engagement Results Package including testimonials, event success data, and team photo.


Designed for 6 – 24 participants.


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What was your favorite moment from the event?


“Knowing how much we are appreciated by [our Director].”
– Covering Kids and Families

Enterprise Solution


A strategic relationship aligned with your organization’s virtual engagement goals.


From consultation to implementation, Kingmakers offers a variety of expertly managed and facilitated events to spark joy, connection, and inclusion.


Work with a dedicated Client Success Team throughout the quarter to develop and execute your Engagement Plan. Your unique company culture, organizational structure, and priorities matter.


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Beam Dental Summer Social


“It was so fun and engaging.”


“Flawless execution.”


“I thought that the showcase event was a really unique way to get people interested! It was a really fun way to end the day!”

“Our Game [Guides] were so skilled at balancing the structure of game rules with the fun of a casual experience!”


Favorite Moments:


“Playing with people in my company I didn’t know. Let me get to know them better.”


“The final round, so fun watching everyone and cheering them on!”