December 10, 2021

Kingmakers Pets

A peek into another aspect of what it means to work from home: PETS.


Species: cat

Loving Owner: Adilson


Adilson is the loving father of the most beautiful creature Calipso (Cali) the cat and an avid sitter of many local dogs. We love seeing him bounce from house to house via Zoom, keeping all sorts of animals (and plants) healthy and happy.


Species: squirrel

Loving Owner: Mother Nature herself


Jessica has a complicated relationship with her neighbor, Woody the squirrel. Are they reluctant friends? Are they true enemies? Regardless, we all respect Woody’s ability to keep eye contact for far too long for the average squirrel’s attention span.

Jolene, Jazzy, and Gray

Species: dog and cats

Loving Owner: Malika


Malika has had many pets over the years. Her dog Jolene is featured in close to 60% of our internal meetings, warning all of us that the mail carrier has arrived or a leaf has fallen.


Fun fact: our LLC is named after Malika’s beloved cat, Lil Ze, who is missed dearly. Honestly, if anyone is interested, Malika’s current cats Jazzy and Gray are up for grabs. No cat holds a candle to Lil Ze (just kidding, you can’t have them).


Species: dog

Loving Owner: Ash


Ash’s pet is Moose, a human-sized hound dog. Moose is often heard in the background of internal calls barking at neighbors who dare roll by on a scooter. Moose loves saying hi at the ding of Zoom Call, middle of the day walks, playing with the world’s smallest tennis ball for about 2 minutes, and the fact that Ash is home all day for pets.


Species: dog

Loving Owner: Adele really owns herself


Val’s sweet little chihuahua mix is the most independent and elusive pet in the bunch, so seeing her on-screen is quite the treat. Adele loves basking in the sunlight and being pet about once a month.

Being able to be home with our furry friends is an important part of life here at Kingmakers.


What do you love about working remote?