December 20, 2021

Kingmakers Facilitators (AKA Game Guides)

Meet the Kingmakers Facilitator Team! We are delighted to work with a talented cohort of facilitators who come to us with expertise in a diverse array of professional disciplines.


“Being part of the Kingmakers Facilitator cohort [is] such a pleasure! … [During training] the other facilitators were incredible to learn with and to learn from. I felt supported, challenged and encouraged all along the way.” – Amie


What is Facilitation?


Facilitation is the art and science of inviting participation while upholding thoughtful experience design. Expert, external facilitators create a space where colleagues can see one another in new ways without being bound by existing power and social dynamics during the Kingmakers experience.

Headshot of Amie smiling


Kingmakers Facilitator


As a collaborator in the arts, Amie acts, directs, develops new work, and provides opportunities for engagement. Using theatre, storytelling, role-play, and improvisation, she coaches individuals and conducts group workshops. Amie performs plays that facilitate conversations about social issues including bullying, dating violence, substance use, and prevention.

Amie cultivates a warm atmosphere in every Kingmakers event so participants feel like they can take a risk and experience their own voice being heard in a way that is respectful.


As a Kingmakers Facilitator:
“Each event is a new and unique group of people, so anything can – and does – happen! This keeps things fresh, but it also requires that we be fully present to the group. [Each] event is a special time and space that will never happen again in exactly the same way, so it’s an opportunity for discovery.”


Kingmakers Facilitator


Caleb is a web developer and is currently exploring game design from board game building to production. Working with Kingmakers is a natural progression of his experience in local arcades and hobby shops and his strength in bringing people together.


“My greatest strength as a facilitator is my ability to relax and be flexible… Everybody group has fun in different ways, and I enjoy fine-tuning a little bit to accommodate people’s enjoyment.”


As a Kingmakers Facilitator:
“When [facilitating] a game, it’s very important to leave space for the people to simply chat and enjoy themselves. The game is a vehicle for enjoyment, not the centerpiece. My favorite part [is when] everybody starts to laugh and the group finds an inside joke. It’s fun to have something that only one particular group will understand, it makes the memory really special.”


Kingmakers Facilitator and Training Developer


Lex is an artist, coach, and game enthusiast with a passion for storytelling and personal development. As a Career Specialist, Lex regularly helps people to clarify their calling and communicate who they are to the world. By guiding clients in exploring their values and dreaming big, they support individuals’ transition into internships, apprenticeships, and full-time work.


As a Kingmakers Facilitator, Lex loves that they get to combine their experience in teaching with their love of all things board games! In addition to using their talents as a Game Guide, Lex has supported Kingmakers in training development.

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Kingmakers Facilitator


Sarah has 10 years of experience in youth development, youth philanthropy and youth organizing and attributes that to her discipline of listening. More recently, she has carried this skill into adult learning spaces. Sarah founded Brown Girl Go, a consultancy which supports Black and Brown women founders with event coordination, facilitation expertise, and strategic planning. You can follow along on Instagram with @browngirlgo.

Sarah prides herself as showing up fully and brilliantly as an invitation for others to do the same. “Personality is what flavors experience and I like to build interactive moments which allow folks to determine the seasoning level that works for them. While I do have some knowledge and expertise in a few areas, ultimately, I am a curator of the collective wisdom in a room.”


As a Kingmakers Facilitator:

“Striking the delicate balance between moving the game experience along and disappearing into the moments of humor and joy requires equal parts art and skill. There is always a point where the room reaches synergy and people start to relax and joke and enjoy the space and my goal as a facilitator is to guide us to that point where the magic unfolds.”


Brown Girl Go Instagram


Kingmakers Facilitator


​​Sophie has a passion for Performing Arts and the cultural enrichment of the community. After spending eight years in the corporate banking world, Sophie returned to her theatre background in 2017 and runs ticketing and social media for the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre in San Francisco. She also sits as Board Vice President for her children’s co-op preschool.

Sophie is thrilled to be a Facilitator for Kingmakers where she can employ her passion for public speaking and connecting people. Her positive energy and warmth shine in every Kingmakers event.


“I love watching participants open up and start to smile as the games go on. By the end people are laughing and new connections are formed among people who might not have met before… I love that you never know where the conversation will go, but there is always guaranteed conversation and connection.”


You can stay connected with Sophie through her passion project “The San Francisco Mama.” Sophie created this blog in 2020 for anyone who identifies as a Mom in San Francisco. She’s excited to watch a community grow around it.


The SF Mama


Kingmakers Facilitator and Events Manager


Val has supported Kingmakers in many roles since we opened our doors in 2014 and currently uses her unique combination of technical and people-oriented skills as Events Manager and Game Guide. She loves that since the beginning, the importance of play sits at the heart of Kingmakers.

Val’s favorite moment as a facilitator was from a team event that doubled as a surprise baby shower.


“Everyone wrote well wishes for her baby as answers to some of the game questions and someone on their team read her a poem he had written, that was so touching. It was just a wonderful moment of a team expressing how much love they had for each other and the new life that was going to be entering the world!”


Outside of Kingmakers, Val supports her local humane society through fundraising, reads an average of 30 books a year, and travels as much as she can.