September 30, 2021

It’s Not Always a #fun_chat

Like many virtual companies, we created a Slack channel for the fun chats that didn’t serve a work function beyond liking one another as people. While the cute dog photos and Adilson’s Joke of the Week are AMAZING, there was a problem.


Remember when Facebook added reactions beyond “liking” because it didn’t exactly feel great to “like” when your great aunt shared that her beloved cat passed away? *cringe*

Calling our channel the #fun_chat assumed that our interpersonal energy had to be bubbly and light. We know it’s just as important to share heavier life and world conversations that don’t exactly fit the description of “fun.”


So, we made a shift, too. Enter the:



We still share the cute kid dancing videos and topical memes. But, we also use the space to share personal challenges, support each other during world tragedies, and extend gratitude towards one another.


It’s a small shift, but a reminder that each of us is allowed (and encouraged) to show up with our emotions and ask for what we need from the team.