September 20, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions – General

Team Bonding Solutions

General FAQ

1. How can you determine what kind of fun is right for my organization?


We’re excited to chat with you in our 30 minute Discovery Call. A Kingmakers team member will learn about your engagement needs (big or small) and connect you to the Solution that fits your team’s personality, hierarchy and budget.


2. How do you play a board game virtually?


We have chosen games that lend themselves to being adapted to Zoom and create the right kind of engagement among your participants.


Our team then tests digital game play and trains on engaging online facilitation. There is usually a dedicated screen for the game board, pieces, and / or cards, and your Game Guide ensures that game play flows smoothly. 


3. What kinds of games can we play?


Over our eight-year history, our team has played thousands of board games and has led hundreds of companies through board game-based team bonding events. We are experts at selecting engaging and interactive and accessible games.


Our facilitation takes into consideration the dynamics that you share about your team and your event goals. We like to keep the game selection a surprise so that everyone arrives at the event on a level playing field.


4. What if my team is introverted or doesn’t like to play games?


A direct quote from a self-identified introvert: “I felt like [the games] are good for more introverted types who might be more reserved. I was a bit tentative coming in b/c I’ve been put in situations that were way out of my comfort zone with games, but these were fun.” – CoverMyMeds


Kingmakers has facilitated game play for all kinds of teams over the years. Our training is centered on making game play accessible and fun for a wide range of teams and their unique personalities. We consider your team’s dynamic and the goals of your event when choosing the right game(s).


We always encourage team leaders to be advocates for game play and encourage their colleagues to lean into the experience for maximum fun.