March 15, 2022

Featured: Malika Jacobs in CEO World Magazine

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Focus on Employee Mental Health — Everything Else is Secondary


“An emphasis on mental health, especially in the wake of a global pandemic, is likely to be the driving force of success for companies this decade. This starts with empathy at the executive level. CEOs, CTOs, and other executives need to accept that optimizing wellbeing is part of an employers’ responsibility.”

In this article, Malika dives into the changing expectations of the new generation of workers, the responsibilities of employers in the mental health space, and what it takes to create a caring company culture.


Learn the following, based on Malika’s experience both as the CEO/Founder of Kingmakers and years of our work with leaders across industries:

How did the pandemic impact how we think about mental health at work?


How can a leader be proactive in culture development?


When should you not ask for the opinions of your employees?


What is wrong with a “work is family” mentality?


What is the value of play in the workplace?


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