December 16, 2021

Featured: Malika Jacobs in Biz Women

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In Her Own Words: Malika Jacobs plays board games for real


As the stress of the Omincron variant of Covid exacerbates, many women return to the strategies they used earlier in the pandemic. Malika Jacobs took her team-building business virtual and strengthened her own team in the process.


Read an excerpt from the interview with Ellen Sherberg below.


“Teams that trust each other can do amazing things. We have always been fortunate to employ a stellar group of people who are motivated by each other and the work we do. I’ve always known my biggest job as a leader is to align folks around a common goal, guide, and mostly get out of the way.


In March of 2020, we had a uniquely qualified team, including two recent hires tasked with developing the corporate team bonding aspect of our business. I couldn’t have asked for a more emphatic, creative, and hardworking bunch. Everyone showed up authentically for each other and for Kingmakers, allowing us to create and innovate our way to where we are today.” – Malika Jacobs


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