October 7, 2021

Featured: Jessica Strauss in Tech Republic

If you don’t want to spend the next 6 months hiring, use these 3 ideas to build stronger social connections at work and reduce frustration. – Veronica Combs, Tech Republic


Jessica Strauss, Kingmakers Director of Innovation and Experience, shares the Kingmakers perspective in Tech Republic’s “Why you have to care about employee experience and how to improve it.”



Make online socializing less awkward


It takes effort to accumulate and preserve social capital, but it can be done in virtual settings. People don’t have to work together in-person to be creative or collaborative. One way to accomplish this is to make online social events effective instead of awkward. Kingmakers can help with that via online board games and a host to guide these team bonding events.


Jessica Strauss, director of innovation and experience at Kingmakers, said that guides run the game to match the personality of the group, which can be competitive, fast moving and focused on the goal or slower, more conversational and only mildly interested in the competition aspect.


“Our game guides know how to read the Zoom room: if someone is feeling uncomfortable, embarrassed, or hesitant for any reason, they know how to redirect and reframe the situation,” she said.

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