December 8, 2021

Facilitation and Game Play

99% of survey respondents said their Kingmakers event provided them an opportunity to meaningfully engage with one another

Kingmakers’ virtual, participant-centered experiences enhance joy, connection, and inclusion through facilitation and board gameplay.


How do we ensure our solutions create intentional, efficient, and authentic engagement for your team? Facilitation and game play are the key!


The art of centering a group’s experience, needs, and joy


Expert, external facilitation allows events to be participant-centered. Facilitators read team dynamics and shift energy in real time.


This is a key differentiator of Kingmakers Team Bonding Solutions. Most of our competitors offer performative or broadcast-based team bonding experiences. THEY are the center of the event not the participants. Our job as facilitators is to constantly center the conversations, concerns, and energy of individuals to match the goals of the team.


“Honestly, I was beat and not interested in participating at all, but since I organized it I felt obligated. I ended up really enjoying it and having a great time. I felt re-energized by the experience and got to make some deeper connections with our participants” – Lilly Endowment


“I loved the energy – it was enthusiastic without being too over the top” – Scotts Miracle-Gro



Game Play

Use of tabletop board games adapted to the virtual space


The format of game play creates a low-stakes space for personal sharing and problem solving, allowing events to be both lighthearted and meaningful.


The mechanics of board games make it an incredible platform for equitable and engaging team bonding. Turn-based play ensures all participants have the opportunity to engage and the team steers the pacing of the event. Because board games don’t have fixed outcomes, each experience is customized by participants’ choices.


“The game itself was a great balance of intellectually challenging but easy to pick up once we got going.” – Edify


“The games and positive/upbeat environment enabled everyone to let their guards down and just enjoy and get to know one another a little better.” – IGS Energy