December 17, 2021

Kingmakers Enterprise Solution

Kingmakers Solutions

Enterprise Solution

Your company is FULL of talented individuals who are motivated by your mission and values.


You need a way to connect your awesome people to each other so they can continue to collaborate and innovate, no matter what part of the organization they support or where they are located.


Take a proactive and holistic approach to virtual company-wide engagement with Kingmakers Enterprise Solution.


Kingmakers Enterprise Solution is a strategic relationship aligned with your organization’s virtual engagement goals.


From consultation to implementation, Kingmakers offers a variety of expertly managed and facilitated events to spark joy, connection, and inclusion.



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“The Kingmakers experience helped us lay more of a positive foundation moving into an upcoming project. I got feedback afterwards that the team loved it and was looking forward to working together which is great feedback to receive.” – Cheryl, IGS Energy

Two Steps


1. Consultation and Engagement Plan


Let’s create a plan! 

A customized Engagement Plan with strategic recommendations to proactively address your organization-wide goals in the virtual workplace.

Included: starter consultation, Engagement Plan, review and revisions


2. Team Bonding Events


Put your Engagement Plan in action! 

A variety of expertly managed and facilitated events aligned with your company calendar. 

Included: event management, event implementation, evaluation, and ongoing consultation

“Someone told me today they “have so many stories about their co-workers from the games.” THAT absolutely makes the experience valuable. Nearly half of our team is new and that half hasn’t been in the office to really engage with coworkers to build a relationship” – Scott’s Miracle-Gro

Connect Anywhere


Holiday parties, All company gatherings, Leadership development initiatives, Internship cohorts, Recurring game hours, Onboarding classes of new hires, Summer social events, Board appreciation, Client relationship management, etc.

Interested in experiencing a Kingmakers event for your 6 – 24 person team? Check out our Intro Event.

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I can only say positive things about everyone at Kingmakers. Flawless execution, entertaining from beginning to end, and always wearing a bright smile to cheer everyone on.” – Deutsche Bank