Welcome to our log of Adilson’s Joke of the Week!

“I love being surprised by Adilson’s wit every week. It’s a bubble of joy that puts a smile on face every Tuesday” – Jessica


Every Tuesday, without fail, we let out a collective giggle, groan, or gasp of delight when Adilson shares his Joke of the Week.

From Adilson


“In general, building relationships with people in-person comes to me pretty organically. With the introduction of web-based communication to support a fully remote work environment, I found that my interactions at work became very transactional and simply conveyed information. It lacked soul, personality, and fun…

I wanted to find a way to connect with people and bring some joy to their day.


So I started sharing jokes on social media with my friends and family and then eventually with my coworkers. It showed a bit of my personality and led to conversations with my peers that I wasn’t having otherwise.” – Adilson



We hope these jokes bring a little bit of joy to your day and inspire you to add play to your work life.


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