November 12, 2021

About Kingmakers


Origin Story


From the beginning, Malika (Founder and CEO of Kingmakers) has worked towards the goal to create a workplace where employees can work within their values, make an impact on the lives of others, and grow into their unique talents.


“When I began Kingmakers, I did so with the idea that I would have a positive impact in my sphere of influence and wouldn’t get too caught up in ‘the world.’ For me, this has largely meant my team. A priority has been to create a space where people who work for me can be themselves.”

Large group of people smiling in a bar with a large bard game library behind them
Kingmakers Board Game Parlour, Columbus, OH

From 2014 to 2020, Kingmakers served the public as a board game parlour in Columbus, OH (and later in Indianapolis, IN). In the evenings, this unique guest experience was beloved by hobbyists, novices, and everyone in between.


During the day, Kingmakers worked with corporations and organizations by hosting large-scale, board-game based Team Bonding Events.

Who We Are Now


When the pandemic shifted the workplace culture and how employees would work in the office, we saw the opportunity to pivot and bring board games to a virtual platform. It became clear that a larger subset of the workforce than ever before would become remote or hybrid. Without a new set of tools, workplace dynamics and engagement would continue to plunge.


As a result, we pivoted to serve B2B clients in order to boost other companies’ employee morale. The ability to use virtual team bonding experiences opened a door to a corporate outreach level vast enough to encourage and promote the need for employee wellbeing and care beyond Ohio.

Our pivot was strongly influenced by the unique backgrounds and skill-sets of the Kingmakers team members present at the time of the pandemic closing. Through deep exploration, incredible interpersonal team trust and countless consultations and events – we found facilitation and board games to be the core of who we are.


The evolution of Kingmakers has allowed us to connect even closer to Malika’s original mission. Not only are we positioned to be a great place to work as a small team, but we also get to take what we have learned and support the radical care of employees at like-minded companies (like yours).



Kingmakers offers solutions for a changing workforce to spark joy and foster belonging.


We will work with you to find the virtual, board game-centered experiences that best match your needs with consideration to factors such as your role, group size, and engagement goals.


Team Solution 

A series of Team Bonding Events developed for your unique team.

Each board game-centered experience is developed based on your team’s dynamics and engagement goals.


Enterprise Solution 

A strategic relationship aligned with your organization’s virtual engagement goals.

From consultation to implementation, Kingmakers offers a variety of expertly managed and facilitated events to spark joy, connection, and inclusion.


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Kingmakers Solutions


What does “Kingmakers” mean?


We chose the name Kingmakers as a nod to the event in a game where a player or players (who often have no chance of winning) make the decision about who does win. Throughout the game, they use their resources, actions, and influence to support/back the outcome they want to see.


While this tactic is often regarded as shady, we’re turning the phrase on its head.


We know that teams aren’t about winning as an individual and that so many times we use our collective resources to uplift one another. In this cooperative game of business and life, our team is all about Kingmaking to ensure each other’s success.